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Are you a coach, a course creator or an expert feeling that you want to share with the world your amazing message? I feel you! You would like to get your voice on podcasts to reach new audiences, but you have no idea where to start or what to do or what would be the best approach. How about working smarter and not harder? A professional podcast guesting expert can help you grow and scale your business with podcast interviews. Curious? Download this checklist and start today!

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My mission is to offer online business support to help busy working female entrepreneurs to get their message out there and to grow their businesses through podcast interviews!


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Building an online business just by yourself can be overwhelming. 

Do more of what you love and let me take care of the rest!

About Me

Make Your Own Opportunities

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m a daydreamer but I make things happen
  • I’m a former civil servant and a self-taught person
  • I have an amazing husband and 2 beautiful kids: a boy and a girl
  • Coffee is my daily energizer
  • I love to travel (my favorite place is anywhere on the beach)
  • I lived in 3 different countries and 8 different cities
  • I speak Romanian, English, Spanish, and French
  • I don’t watch TV except for Netflix 3-4 times/month
  • I’m a detail queen and I’m proud of it!


Here is what I stand for


I want to help you maximize your efforts to improve the lives of the people your work with.


I am committed to conducting our businesses with the highest degree of integrity, always demonstrating consistency between words and actions and maintaining confidential information.


I pour my passion in everything I do for my clients because I choose to do only the things I love to do and I want to help other mompreneurs to spread their passion.


I treat your business as my own and my clients exactly the way I would love to be treated.


I will do my best to meet your expectations, and I will treat you with respect and honesty.

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