(How to land podcast interviews

to get more exposure)

Attention, female online entrepreneurs!

Question for you…

What if you could land 5 podcast interviews in the span of 4 weeks to share your powerful message and make a bigger impact on people’s lives?

What if, under a month you could determine the message you’d like to cover in podcast interviews so that you’ll be known as the go-to person when it comes to the work you do?

A message that will allow you to build your credibility and authority.

Because when you share your message, mission, and vision you will find more people who will relate to your stories and your expertise. They will wanna connect with you and find out more about you and your work.

Here is the problem…

ou know that in order to land podcast interviews, you would need to have a plan…

But maybe you don’t know how to create that plan that will allow you to be consistent and land those podcast interviews with ease and confidence. And you keep asking yourself:

“What should I be talking about?”

“What if what I have to say is not interesting?”

“Where do I actually find the right podcasts for me?”

“What should I include in my pitch?”

“How should I prep for the interview?”

Imagine if

  • You would know exactly what to speak about
  • You will know who to reach out to
  • You could write a heartfelt pitch
  • You will know how to present yourself in an interview
  • You could do this consistently without the overwhelm and the guessing

If you wanna learn how to consistently land podcast interviews with ease and confidence, I have something for you…


GET MORE VISIBLE! (How to land podcast interviews to get more exposure)

Module 1 - Prep your message

  • Create your Bio (framework);
  • Nail your topics

Module 2 - Identify the right podcasts

  • Warm outreach
  • Cold outreach

Module 3 - Tailor your pitch

  • Pitch template


Module 5 - Handle the Interview

  • Tips & tricks
  • A list of most FAQs for you to prep for the interview

Are you ready to spread your message through podcast interviews?




Marta Spirk, Marketing & Woman Empowerment Coach and host of The Empowered Woman Podcast

“I was at a point in my business where I knew I needed help, but I wasn’t sure if I could justify it financially. I decided to take the leap anyway and it was the best decision. It has been such a pleasure connecting and working with Nina. She’s organized, thoughtful, and not just a great professional, but also a wonderful human being. I have to say that Nina’s work ethic and attention to detail were unmatched. Can’t recommend her enough!”

Stefanie Gass, Clarity & Podcasting Coach, and host of The Stefanie Gass Show

“I am so thankful that I have someone who is so full of integrity working with me. It means a LOT to know that I can trust you and it is confirmed when you do things the way you do. That speaks very highly of you, Nina!”

Martina Fink, Holistic Health Coach & host of The Glow Life Podcast

“I loved working with Nina! She was very detail-oriented and effective and completed the tasks extremely fast and often before the due date. She always communicated proactively, which is very helpful when you’re doing a lot of other things. I recommend working with Nina to anybody who needs solid support in their business and visibility.”

Still undecided? This course is a perfect fit for you, if…

  • You’re an online business owner: coach, course creator, consultant, service provider
  • You’ve built a business that you love but you’re ready to move from a hobby business to a really successful business
  • You are ready to share your message cause you know you have something important to say
  • You are willing to put yourself in front of other people’s audiences so you can grow your business faster
  • You are determined to do the work that’s required to get you the results you want.

GET MORE VISIBLE! (How to land podcast interviews to get more exposure)