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Wanna get every host’s attention?

Grab my Simple 3-part Podcast Pitch Template

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Feeling overwhelmed trying to land those dream podcast interviews that can skyrocket your brand awareness? You’re not alone, mama! But what if you could craft pitches that get podcast hosts hitting “reply” with excitement? The Simple 3-Part Podcast Pitch Template is your secret weapon, designed specifically for busy moms who want to share their expertise and grow their business without sacrificing family time.

I’m Nina, your secret weapon for podcast interviews. Just like you, I used to hide behind the screen, doubting myself and my voice. But after witnessing the incredible transformations my clients experienced through podcast interviews, I knew I had to help more moms like you be heard.


(limited-time offer!)

This is for you if you are a:

– coach,

– consultant

– course creator

– podcaster

– service-based business

and you’re looking to get in front of new audiences to share your message and expertise.


Juggling motherhood and building your dream business is tough. You barely have time to breathe, let alone craft compelling podcast pitches that grab the attention of busy podcast hosts.


The Struggle is Real:
  • You spend hours crafting pitches that get ignored.
  • You’re unsure what to say to make yourself stand out.
  • You worry about coming across as too pushy or braggadocious.

Introducing Your Solution: The Simple 3-Part Podcast Pitch Template

This isn’t just another generic pitch template. This is your roadmap to crafting personalized pitches that resonate with podcast hosts and land you those dream interviews.

What’s Inside? 

The 3 C’s of a

Successful Podcast Pitch

Discover the secret formula for crafting pitches that get podcast hosts hitting “reply” with excitement. Learn about Connection, Conversation, and Contribution – the key ingredients for a winning pitch.

BUY NOW FOR ONLY $67 $37 (limited-time offer!)


  •  Save precious time: Stop wasting hours crafting pitches that go unanswered.
  • Land more interviews: Get your voice heard and attract your ideal clients with confidence.
  • Become a podcasting pro: Develop a winning pitching strategy that gets results.
  • Grow your business: Expand your reach and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.


Feedback from podcast hosts

BUY NOW FOR ONLY $67 $37 (limited-time offer!)

Meet Nina

Nina Macarie is a visibility expert helping female entrepreneurs get more visibility and connect with dream clients through podcast interviews. She is the creator of the P.I.T.C.H. podcasts framework, helping clients pitch themselves to the right podcasts with ease and confidence in an authentic way.

After sending hundreds and hundreds of podcast pitches and also seeing what kind of pitches are put out in the world, Nina knows exactly what elements to include in a successful pitch. Not only did she get amazing feedback from her successfully booked clients but she also impressed the podcast hosts to whom she pitched. Today, Nina’s mission is to help female online entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, consultants, and podcasters get an amazing first impression as they start spreading their messages on other people’s platforms. 

Nina lives in Romania with her husband, two kids, and three cats.

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