Products and Tools I recommend


Here is a list of programs & tools that I’m using in my business or to support my clients.


*Disclosure: This page includes affiliate links. I only recommend products that I tried and use myself/on behalf of my clients and feel could be valuable to you too. If you decide to buy using one of my affiliate links (at no additional cost to you), I may earn a small commission/coffee money that will keep me energized to support your journey.

Becoming Boss Mastermind

 The Becoming Boss Mastermind is not a course it is an entire support system. The weekly coaching and supportive community will completely transform the way you approach your business. But that’s only the beginning.  You also get massive bonuses to make your progress even faster, your success even easier, and access to tools that simplify everything you do!

Creator Camp

Neglecting social media in today’s digital age is like keeping your business a well-kept secret. Invisible businesses don’t grow. Don’t let your business dreams fade into the digital background. Step up with Creator Camp and turn your social media into a beacon for your brand. Transform Your Social Media Fears Into Posting Confidence & Grow Your Platform in Only a Few Weeks!

Email Marketing Membership

This is a low-cost, (ridiculously) high-value open membership. You get access to weekly email templates + swipe examples, weekly video email mini-trainings on how to use the templates and swipes to build a list of buyers, plus larger trainings like List Building, monthly Q&As, quarterly guest experts and themed templates to help you get clicks, make presales, and even an entire sales launch sequence.

An all-in-one software to create your sales channels that allows you to: create forms or capture pages; create email campaigns to sell automatically; host your online training and sell it.

You can try this software right away and the best part is that you don’t even need a credit card (includes 3 funnels, 2000 contacts, and unlimited emails sent!).


Castmagic is an AI audio-first content workspace. It allows you to turn any audio file or video into more content. Think of it as a platform that helps you extract all of the value that sits within your content. Turn your video into an email, blog post, social media post, and more or find clips, hooks, and quotes.

Hello Audio

Leverage the ease & convenience of private podcasts to meet your audience where they’re at. A private podcast gives you more control over when and how content is released to each individual listener. You can personalize and tailor content to what’s most relevant to each listener.


PodMatch automatically matches ideal podcast hosts and guests for interviews.
Imagine your favorite online dating app, but instead of using it for finding dates, you’re booking podcast interviews. Podmatch uses the same(ish) technology for automated matching!


Descript is a tool you need to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts. Make video part of your team’s communication toolkit with a tool that makes video recording, editing, and collaboration as easy as docs and slides.