How to Start your Speaking Journey in 5 Steps

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I’m going to share with you the steps that I think are the most relevant to starting this visibility journey, helped me land different guest speaking opportunities and led me to where I am today, confident and willing to put myself out there no matter what.

Step #1 Make a decision

What I want from you is to think about how you want to feel for the rest of this year, and how you want to feel in 2023. When I did this exercise, I decided that I wanted to be a more courageous business owner (it would help if you could be a little bit more specific 😀).

Step #2 Accept and embrace the mistakes

The moment I started this speaking journey, I had to allow myself and I had to accept that I’m going to make mistakes because I knew that I won’t be perfect, and if I will be waiting to be perfect then I will never ever be.

Step #3 Focus on your people

It’s so important for you to know who you are meant to serve and decide to focus only on those people because I know that we cannot please and serve all the people on this planet.

Step #4 Start small

I know that if you are just starting out, you are going to feel uncomfortable. You are going to feel terrified. This is how I felt. And what I want for you is to find the best way for you to show up and practice in an environment where you feel encouraged and supported.

Step #5 Feel the fear and do it anyway

Stop making it about you and focus on how you can serve and help other people. Think about how many people could you potentially help if you’d allow yourself to get more visible.

I believe you can do it!

And I know it’s going to take you some time to sit in that indecision, but the sooner you’ll make the decision, the better. You need to be willing to test and experiment. You need to be willing to fail and keep going. You need to find your own pace. You need to find what’s working for you. And you need to do things your way. I believe in you! I believe you can do it too!


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