P.I.T.C.H. to Reach Your Dreams!

Are you a female online entrepreneur looking to share that powerful message that’s on your heart? You know deep down that you could help more clients but you don’t actually know where to find them?

What if you decide to be a bolder business owner who is not afraid to take action and you become a powerful speaker in 2023 sharing your message on podcast interviews and start attracting the right clients? How could this change the trajectory of your business?

Because when you take your message and share it with the world, you will find more people who will relate to your stories and your expertise. They will wanna connect with you and find out more about you and your work. People wanna hear from real people who deeply understand their struggles, challenges or fears and can help them move to the other side.

But here’s the problem…

→ You are too afraid of getting rejected

→ You don’t know where to find those podcasts

→ You’ve never been a guest on a podcast interview before

→ You don’t know how to do this consistently

→ You have no idea how to prep for the interview

Imagine if…

→ You’d feel confident and comfortable getting interviewed

→ You’d know exactly what to do to land podcast interviews

→ You’d master the art of pitching

→ You’d know how to leverage every interview

→ You’d attract other speaking opportunities


P.I.T.C.H. to Reach Your Dreams Audio Program!


Worksheets and Templates

excel icon

Podcast Guesting Tracker spreadsheet

I will share with you how I use an Excel spreadsheet to track the details of every podcast that I pitch to. 

Bio & One-sheet Templates

If you don’t have yet a bio or one-sheet, I will share with you my templates so that you can create them and have them handy for every interview. 

Podcast Pitch Template

You can take my podcast pitch template and make it your own so that you don’t start from scratch every time you want to send a pitch. 


I will provide a list of FAQs so that you can better prep for the interviews and know what to expect.

Asana Board

If you use Asana as your project management system it’s very easy for you to import this board. If not, you can use your favorite project management system and replicate the board so that you don’t miss any important detail for your interviews. 


What My Clients Say

“I was at a point in my business where I knew I needed help, but I wasn’t sure if I could justify it financially. I decided to take the leap anyway and it was the best decision. It has been such a pleasure connecting and working with Nina. She’s organized, thoughtful, and not just a great professional, but also a wonderful human being. I have to say that Nina’s work ethic and attention to detail were unmatched. Can’t recommend her enough!”

Marta Spirk

Marketing & Woman Empowerment Coach and host of The Empowered Woman Podcast

“I am so thankful that I have someone who is so full of integrity working with me. It means a LOT to know that I can trust you and it is confirmed when you do things the way you do. That speaks very highly of you, Nina!”

Stefanie Gass

Clarity & Podcasting Coach, and host of The Stefanie Gass Show

Feedback from podcast hosts








About me

If you wonder who am I and why am I the best person to teach you this, I want to tell you that I went from working behind the scenes to getting more visible and I love this journey! So if I can do it, you can do it too!

I’m the creator of the P.I.T.C.H. podcasts framework, helping clients pitch themselves to the right podcasts with ease and confidence in an authentic way.

Not only that I successfully booked my clients on interviews but got feedback from podcasts hosts, and I got a yes for myself in less than 10 minutes! Wanna learn how?


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How this Program works

We will start on April 11th. You will also get access to a member’s portal with worksheets and templates. We will meet on Zoom every Tuesday. If you sign up for VIP, you will also get 6 co-working sessions every Thursday (also on Zoom) and you will get access to me via Voxer Tue-Thu.


Week 1

Pre-work and mindset

We are going to dive deep into why mindset plays an important role and what you need to have in place before you do the actual work.

Week 2

Prep Your Message

You’re going to learn how to create your bio and your one-sheet. Once you have your topics nailed down you are going to learn how to title your topics so that every time you can use a different title for the same topic.

Week 3

Identify the Right Podcasts

You will learn the difference between warm and cold outreach and what are some ways you can find new podcasts every time you want to pitch yourself.

Week 4

Tailor Each Pitch

I will share with you the elements of a successful pitch and I will provide feedback for the pitches you are going to write.

Week 5

Create a system

It might be overwhelming to remember all the things that you need to do, when you need to do them so I will help you to create a system that will work for you so that you can stay on top of podcast pitching. 

Week 6

Handle the Interview

You will learn tips and tricks on how to handle the interview so that you can get the most out of it.