“Nina has managed many aspects of podcast production and promotion. She has been responsible for editing and uploading episodes, creating show notes and graphics, managing social media accounts, and responding to listener feedback.

Nina is a talented and creative virtual assistant who has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, initiative, and efficiency in her role. She has a keen eye for detail and quality, and always delivers excellent results on time and within budget. She has also shown great versatility and adaptability to different formats, topics, and platforms.

Would I recommend Nina? Of course! She loves taking care of your podcast so you can take care of your business or family. Nina has been instrumental in growing the audience and engagement of Fuel Her Awesome, as well as establishing partnerships with other podcasts. She has also been a great source of ideas and insights for improving the content and reach of the podcast.”

Jess Brown, RD, host of The Fuel Her Awesomness Podcast

“Nina has been an absolute game-changer in bringing my podcast dream to life. Her dedication, professionalism, and unparalleled organizational skills have been the driving force behind the swift and successful launch of my podcast. Nina took my mere idea of having a podcast and transformed it into reality, with the podcast available across all major platforms in just four weeks!

One of Nina’s greatest strengths is her reliability. I knew I could always count on her to be there every step of the way, guiding me through the process and ensuring we stayed on track to meet our deadlines. Her use of Asana was wonderful, keeping us both organized and efficient throughout the entire journey. Not only did she meet deadlines, but she delivered her work well in advance, giving us ample time for review and refinement. Her proactive approach alleviated any stress or uncertainty I had about the process, allowing me to focus on creating quality content for my audience.

Working with Nina was an absolute pleasure. Her positive attitude, clear communication, and unwavering support made the entire experience enjoyable and rewarding. I cannot recommend her services highly enough to anyone looking to launch their podcast with efficiency and professionalism..”

Jane Wareham, Life Coach & host of The Jane Wareham Podcast

I was at a point in my business where I knew I needed help, but I wasn’t sure if I could justify it financially. I decided to take the leap anyway and it was the best decision. It has been such a pleasure connecting and working with Nina. She’s organized, thoughtful and not just a great professional, but also a wonderful human being. Nina’s work ethic and attention to detail were unmatched. Can’t recommend her enough!”.

Marta Spirk, Empowerment Coach, host of The Empowered Woman Podcast

“I am so thankful that I have someone who is so full of integrity working with me. It means a LOT to know that I can trust you and it is confirmed when you do things the way you do. That speaks very highly of you, Nina!”.

Stefanie Gass, Podcast Coach for Christian Women & host of the Online Business for Christian Women Podcast

“I loved working with Nina! She was very detail-oriented and effective and completed the tasks extremely fast and often before the due date. She always communicated proactively, which is very helpful when you’re doing a lot of other things. I recommend working with Nina to anybody who needs solid support in their business and visibility.”

Martina Fink, Holistic Health Coach & host of The Glow Life Podcast

She is super organized. I would say that Nina’s strengths are attention to details and following the procedures by the book, with just a pinch of a creative spirit…. which makes her a perfect fit for this kind of tasks”.

Olivia B, Fitness Trainer and Radiant Lifestyle Coach

“Nina was wonderful! Everything was completed exactly as I asked and on time (actually early).”

Alison H, Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist


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